Jean-Marie Bytebier

Jean-Marie Bytebier


7 mei – 24 juni 2017

(re)D. Antwerpen



The work of Jean-Marie Bytebier can be described as ‘conceptual landscape painting’. With basic elements of nature (sky, clouds, foliage) he creates almost abstract images, devoided of any human artefact. At the same time his lusciuos blue skies and endless shades of green are reminescent of 18th century landscape painting, highly esthetical and seductive. Contradiction is a crucial element in his work: between context and detail, between far and nearby, between reality and construction, between finished and unfinished.

Bytebier was selected for the TRA and PROPORTIO exhibitions in Palazzo Fortuny during the Venice Biennale of 2013 and 2015. In 2016 a retrospective of his work was presented in the museum of Elsene. Two monographs were published : Verleden/Continuous (Ludion editions, 2012) and (MER Paper Halle, 2016).